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Proservice, thanks to the acquired competence, designs and selects the best industrial communication solution in the sector of your choice. 

Industry as a whole covers a vastness of remarkable fields. Speaking of industries it is generally meant production factories, but also to food, packaging, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, energy manufacturers and suppliers (electrical and not) and so on. Generally, all these fields and others are touched by the phenomenon of automation and therefore, indirectly, by industrial communication systems, better known as field buses. Obviously some sectors are more involved in this phenomenon, while in other fields the implication in these technologies is related to the fact that field buses are an integral part of the products developed and commercialized.

Proservice has always been looking for advanced and innovative technological solutions: Since 2006 we have given our preference to open source technologies, choosing to equip ourselves with free access resources, sharing its principles and philosophy. We adopt and share the solution of the open source world with particular attention to the engineering of Missio critical solutions. In the current industrial phase, machines, objects and people interact interdependently with each other, via the Internet. Thanks to the analysis of the data from the machines it is possible to automate the industrial processes optimizing the costs and developing new opportunities for innovation. The Company can integrate its activities with the supply chain and with the customers, reviewing in the deep the business model and the approach to the market: this will lead to the automated and interconnected industrial production.

Another distinctive trait is that the real system of the company's components is reproduced virtually and allows you to predict the behavior of the interconnected objects. In other words, you can simulate processes at any time with advantages, even in this case, in terms of costs and times. Proservice supports the builders for the definition of the exchange data sets conforming to the regulations, in the definition of the appropriate media and communication interfaces and in the data exchange between the machinery and the SCADA system of supervision through gateways or direct access.  Thanks to the continuous training of IT staff, Proservice is the ideal partner for a technological and economical approach to the third industrial revolution, using vanguard suppliers and relying on the professionalism of the category Association. 

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