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Technology Innovation as an Inspiration

Starting From the Philosophy

A very precise philosophy characterizes the whole chain of our engineering and production component: from the supply specifications particularly rich in technical contents, to the start up at the final customer, to the relative training of the staff in order to operate the plants, we distinguish a strong propensity to the continuous collaboration between our technical department and the customer team with the aim of achieving levels of excellence for each supply.

..To the Structure..

Our structure allows us to have a custom approach with the world of automations, fully accepting the needs of the customer in terms of safety, efficiency, choice of equipment and structure of software.
The creation of industrial automation systems, in particular, is projected to the creation of automated equipment for the control and management of the process, automatic machines, control and supervision systems, ranging from simple machines to whole plants.  

..Ending with our Precise worldwide Service

All this scrupulously following every step of the process that, from the design, wiring, installation, testing and training of personnel, allow the customer to have a "turnkey" solution. It follows an efficient after-sales service (both in Italy and abroad).

"Tools and equipment such as SCADA, PLC, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Motion Control are used, with the aim of creating highly personalized products and services, but always in strict compliance with the regulations. Our products, in fact, provide for a perfect delivery of the certifications required or declarations of conformity CE"

Our Suppliers

The company proposes itself as a technological partner in the programming of the latest generation robotic systems. We are able to support our customers in the choice of the robotic unit, in the process engineering and in the programming of the production cycles. Our skills allow us to work with anthropomorphic robots, Delta and Scada by applying the market solutions of the major players of robotic industrial automation.