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Unity, Passion, Liability, Desire of Innovation and Strengh of Communication

The particular care with which the qualified engineers perform the drafting of the offers, the design, the choice of materials, application software, assembly and final testing guarantees the high degree of reliability that characterizes our production. Years of activity, have finally confirmed the validity of the service that we have always offered to customers, with technicians of proven ability and experience.

In order to cope with the continuous technological and normative development, Proservice focuses its resources on the continuous training of employees, both with regard to safety aspects, and with regard to innovations of engineering. Our partners know that the technological vanguard is sometimes synonymous with economic savings, and it is for this reason that Proservice makes of the training its core.


We pursue and reach our goals always and only in team. We put individuality at the service of the group always keeping in mind that no one is irreplaceable and that all are fundamental for the success of our business. 
Beyond all economic motivation we always seek the best from our projects; we are convinced that the motivation to do our work well exists only if you put passion in what you do. Those who have passion know how to reach their goals and those who reach the goals are motivated! With passion, regardless of what you realize, you get success


We carry out our commitments with the utmost care, our sense of responsibility prevents us from delivering incomplete or partial work and guiding us to always seek the best solution. We do not just propose an effective solution but we strive and we are pleased to always propose the most efficient solution. 
We are thirsty for novelty, new features and new technologies. We pursue the change and are ready to continually innovate our structure and our services, adapting ourselves to the demands of the market and of the customers. Change does not scare us, indeed, it excites us! We know how to look beyond everyday life and we are convinced that every day is the right one to face a new challenge.


We are convinced that at the base of every success there is always a high level of communication; we strive to share our ideas and proposals because we are convinced that only in this way they can become the patrimony of the whole team and can result in a process of continuous improvement.