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ProBSDCore- published on March, 2020

Conventional data processing is often expensive and time consuming. To cope with this, Proservice created the ProBSDCore and introduces typical IT standards in the work flow such as centralized software management in a sector-compliant way.
ProBSDCore is a data collector system and allows you to acquire all production data such as audit trails, alarms and recipes in progress, and store them in a database. ProBSDCore is a PC with at least two on board network cards in which one LAN port is connected to the network with the line, while the second allows the customer to connect the device to his own network infrastructure.


ProNETLink 4.0- published on April, 2020

Born from the need to make all ProBSDCore information and data available, ProNetLink4.0 is a free license software that allows you to check, collect and make available on the web all production data, reports and documents related to the line and augmented reality.
ProNETLink4.0 has its roots in a solid foundation, developed through PHP, HTML5, Java which together allow you to share graphic pages, collect statistical data and reports.
ProNETLink4.0 is the interface between the user and ProBSDCore.
The graphical user interface is displayed via a web browser (Opera, Chrome), which allows you to view the stored data



OPC UA Protocols- published on May, 2020

The protocols developed through OPC UA allow you to interface any device with the different controller manufacturers.
Proservice, specifically, offers the market:
- OPC UA for Siemens S7 300/400
- OPC UA for Yaskawa MP 3300
- OPC UA for Rockwell
- OPC UA for Modbus
- OPC UA for Bridge SQL
- OPC UA for Siemens S5


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